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Fourth Grade

Grade Level Expectations

Fourth grade students are taught to build upon previously learned concepts in order to be able to apply them across the curriculum. Some examples of concepts taught are, but are not limited to: being able to use different comprehension skills and strategies when reading. Being able to write clear, understandable sentences and paragraphs that develop a main idea. In Mathematics, students are taught how to multiply multi-digit numbers by a single-digit number (for example, 2345 x 6 = ______) as well as use letters. boxes, or other symbols to stand for a number in simple equations (for example, 3 x M = 12).

For a more comprehensive look on grade level expectations, please view our California State Content Standards.

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Fourth Grade Teachers

Contreras, Mario
Sys Admin
Martinetti, Ky
Spencer, Shaya
Urtez, Jose

4th Grade Staff!

4th Grade Staff!